Torch Haymaker Blend Gummies | 2 Count

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Dive into a whirlwind of electrifying flavor with our Blue Razz sensation! This vibrant blend of sweet and tangy blue raspberry will transport your taste buds to a world of pure exhilaration, leaving you craving more with every mouthwatering bite. Haymaker's Grab & Go Gummies offer a robust blend of THC-P, D-9, and THC-X, packing a potent cannabinoid punch in each pack. Each pack contains 2x175g gummies, providing 350mg infused with the three most beloved Haymaker flavors. Elevate your experience effortlessly with these convenient, on-the-go gummies, perfect for any place or time.

Category: Edibles 

Capacity: 175mg/piece 

Blend: Haymaker Blend

Main Cannabinoids: THC-P, D-9, THC-X