Modus Upper Cut Blend 3.0 Disposable | 3g

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Back with a smash, the second generation of Modus Upper Cut devices are here with added Cannabis Derived Terpenes, upgraded disposable and new child resistant packaging.

Building on the roaring success of our Knockout Blend, Modus Upper Cut devices are designed to hit you with the most satisfying high—leaving you in a state of bliss and calm. Every Upper Cut device is crafted with attention to detail, ensuring they deliver consistently flavorful and super potent hits.

Modus Upper Cut devices contain premium USA grown cannabinoid extracts, including THC-H, Delta 8 live resin Cannabis Derived Terpenes, and THCjd. These extracts are sourced from high-quality hemp plants grown in the U.S.

Our Upper Cut collection includes both disposable vaporizers and cartridges. The cartridge contains two grams of concentration. The disposable vaporizer contains three grams with a rechargeable battery to keep you vaping for weeks.

Product Features:
- Concentration Level: 2000mg Cartridge, 3000mg Disposable
- Ingredients: THC-H, CDT, Delta 8 Live Resin, THCjd
- Made with US-Grown Hemp
- Third-Party Lab Tested